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Illuminated Harmony: A Brass and Hammered Glass Seahorse Sculpture

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This beautiful  sculpture, handcrafted by a Greek artist Kyraikos, portrays a majestic seahorse crafted from brass and hammered glass, gracefully perched on a base made from the roots of an olive tree. The seahorse's body is a blend of polished brass, intricately detailed to capture the delicate features of this marine creature, and hammered glass, which forms the inner structure and adds a shimmering quality.

The use of olive tree roots for the base not only provides a natural foundation but also symbolizes peace, wisdom, and resilience, reflecting the olive tree's deep cultural significance in Greek history and mythology. The seahorse, known for its calm and gentle nature, symbolizes patience, contentment, and protection. An internal light that changes colors enhances the sculpture, casting dynamic hues that highlight the intricate details and add a magical touch. This piece is a testament to the artist's exceptional skill and creative vision, bringing the beauty and symbolism of the underwater world to life. 


Total Height   140cm  (approximately) 

Height of base 48 cm (approximately)



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